Pistol Skills..

   If there is one thing other than safety that you come away with from this course, it will be this..

   Stare directly at the image at left. Even to the untrained eye, the front sight is crisp, clear, and to the point (no pun intended). Your gaze is naturally drawn to it. If you can hold your pistol as still as this image, have your sights look exactly like the image, and let your eye go directly to the crisp front sight, your on your way to becoming a pistol "Master". Easy isn't it?

   Now take into consideration that your heart is beating, which causes you to shake. And each breath you take causes you to ruin the image even more. Now as you squeeze the trigger the sight begins to bobble. And you say to yourself when is this thing going to go off? And you get nervous because the pistol in your hand is ready to erupt at any second now in a ball of flame, as soon as the trigger breaks. And you finally yank the trigger which ruins that beautiful sight picture.

Bullets won't go where wish them to go..
They go where you aim them.

   Flinching is something that's natural to most of us. For instance when a loud noise occurs at random you say, "Wow, what was that?" You're instinct is to fight or take flight automatically. When we're at the pistol range, in close quarters, there's noise going off all around us. Sometimes it's so loud that when you open your mouth your teeth shake. Sometimes the hot brass from the shooter next to you will come showering down on you. This is all part of shooting. I can help you overcome that.

  I'll teach you how to grip the gun, breath, sight picture, stance, trigger squeeze, nerves from an audience gathered to watch you shoot, hot brass down your shirt, galloping from one position to the next, shooting & reloading on the run under timed fire. But it is all moot..



   Nowadays the top shooters are shooting a red-dot system for speed. A "red-dot" is an electronic red ball that floats in the air above your pistol or rifle. The dot is where your bullet will impact. But it dances around just like the iron sights above.

   This is a rare photo of  the American IPSC Team preparing for a stage in the jungles of the Venezuelan World Championships. Note that they're all doing an old trick known as "shadow shooting", or visualization. They "see" the course through their imaginary sights like they were shooting it, without touching the pistol.

   Left to right: Tammy Madigan, Roberta Geer, Debby James, Mike Plaxco, Chip McCormick, Christie Rogers, Jerry Barnhardt, Rob Leatham, Tom Campbell and Brian Enos.


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