Gun Safety..

   Safety is first & foremost. The job of a Range Officer is to make it safe for the rest of us to enjoy our sport. They are there to help you. And don't  feel shy about asking anyone wearing the "Range Officer" (RO) shirt a question regarding the rules.

   Some RO's, justifiably, tend to watch new shooters, and especially women, very closely (like the 3 at left). Therefore you must show them that you know all the safety rules by second nature.

   If you get thrown out of a match or a range for "unsafe handling" you have 2 decisions to make. Number 1, to quietly skulk off in disgrace and never shoot again. Or, number 2, to hear the rule you violated and don't do it again. Just like not looking at the front sight when the shot breaks. There's always next time.

  The lady at the top had 1 year of shooting under her belt and shot 500 rounds. The RO's watched her gun muzzle like a hawk. She took her time, showed clear when done shooting, and safely put the gun away in her bag nearby.

  The same lady to the right, now has 10 years of shooting and shot over 1 million rounds. The RO watches her targets in disbelief, not her muzzle. She never, EVER got thrown out for unsafe gun handling.

  We'll discuss this in depth during the class. I guarantee you that you'll understand gun safety above all else, in a way that you won't forget. 


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